Our Mission

We at Jefferson Financial Group believe that a comprehensive financial analysis is the foundation to building wealth.  By conducting a thorough financial evaluation, Nathan and Chris work with clients to establish goals and objectives.  The resulting financial analysis allows the advisor to formulate strategies to assist clients in reaching their goals.  While a financial analysis cannot guarantee success, we do believe that a financial plan can significantly increase the probability of clients attaining their financial objectives.

Nathan and Chris are Registered Investment Advisor Representatives offering securities and advisory services through Lincoln Financial Securities Corporation.  As a result, both advisors develop an overall coordinated investment strategy that incorporates an individual's risk tolerance, time, tax bracket, and income needs.  Their investment management processes utilize Asset Allocation Models to ensure clients are well diversified and they do not subscribe to day trading.  Their comprehensive financial analysis includes, but is not limited to, the following key areas:  financial planning (i.e. review of cash flow, assets and liabilities) and protection planning (i.e. review of life insurance needs and group benefits, disability, and long term care insurance).